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2 out of 3 splits made it - yay

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I did a 50/50 split on an overwintered hive, and 2 days later it swarmed. I found queen cells, and made 2 new splits. I checked today and found larvae in 3 out of 4 of the hives. The 4th (3rd if you don't count the mother hive) had bees, honey, and a couple capped queen cells but no signs of larvae or queen. It's too late for them to have the ability to make capped queen cells, so I'm wondering if those were duds and I should give up on that split?

Anyway, this was my first split, which turned into 3 splits unexpectedly, but it actually works, amazing.
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Give it 10 days ...if there was a virgin she has to comeback from mating...if those cells still need couple days to hatchout then get mated....give em couple days ..congrates so far
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