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2 new virgins

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Hi, All! Finally, I got 2 virgin queens that hatched today. One is a slightly lighter yellow color and the
other one is a bit darker yellow color. The lighter yellow one hatched ~2 hours when I inspected
her is almost like a Cordovan queen with big long body and ran very fast. It took me quite a while to snap some pics of her.
Both got big long bodies that I hope they will make it back in a week or so. By then her body should be 2x bigger than what
it is now after the mating flight.
I made the mistake of putting a new virgin and a mated queen in another queen less hive that ended up killing her last time.
Will not make those mistakes again. Queen making is just too time consuming with the wait and anticipation which is too long.
It is better to leave them alone until after the mating flight and then inspect them for the new eggs.
Can you see the difference?

Here are the pics of them:


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