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2 nd annual Auction sale in Brandon

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Anybody going to the auction? With bees for sale? Or with intent on perhaps buying? Seems to me demand will be high. Honey prices are good, winter was hard and spring has yet to come in Manitoba. Apparently there are big losses in Ontario and Quebec which should boost demand. However the Auction House needs bees to sell to bring those fellows out. My sense of things are that there may not be too many for sale. Could be wrong. May 21, Brandon Manitoba.

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Was a discussion on a Canadian forum on an Alberta sale where doubles went for I think $275 but they were in home made non standard equipment that was bought in a consolidation and the new owner didn't want to deal with switching the bees over. Not much of a benchmark price to incite people to consign.
:scratch:where all do they have more of auctions? just at a auction today made out like a bandit. bee auction sounds interesting
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