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I'm rather new to the site but have been reading lots here. I just wanted to throw in that I had two swarms caught yesterday just in front of my bee table. I was just finishing cleaning up my bee vac and putting it all away from the first swarm. I was standing there less than 10ft from a hive I call my Butler Hive and thought to myself "boy they are really getting after it today after this thunderstorm." Within 5 minutes of thinking that the bees looked as if they were being poured out of a bucket for several minutes and just filled the sky. It really was amazing to be there that close and see as well as hear it. 10 minutes later they all settled down about 20ft off the ground in a cluster about the size of a basketball. I backed the truck up just a bit and grabbed another deep for the bee vac and pulled them in.

I checked them this am and they appear to be working the plastic frames.

What's odd to me is how fast they built up and this early. That Butler Hive was split 3 weeks ago and retained the queen during the split. I would not have guessed they could recover that fast from me taking 50% of the colony for the split.
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