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2,4-D Herbicide and Bees

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My Bee yard is been over-ran by poison ivy. My question is will 2,4-D hurt my bee's? My plans are to spray after dark so, and keep from spraying the hives themselves. Any info would be appreciated.
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everything I have read says that it is no problem to spray. I use it all the time, but like you said I try to be careful around my hives. Poison ivy is bad around here also, if I didn't spray I would be covered up with it. I really don't like using chemicals, the only ones I use is 2,4d and roundup. I try to use as little as possible, never had a problem.
No, I've done that very thing a number of times through the years. With poison ivy it's probably a good idea, the one down side is that occasionally what happens when you are spraying a broadleaf killer like 2-4D is that you can end up encouraging the growth of grasses which can choke off entrances worse than broadleaf weeds.
There's an idea floating around the net about using a vinegar and salt solution to kill weeds. It's non-selective, so will kill all plants. Haven't tried it....yet.
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