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1st time Bee keepers here, excited to Bee here from Fenton, MI.

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So we are all new to beekeeping, The 2 hives we have are an 8 Frame, Not really any deep hive body's, all the same size, (medium box's) 5 high. The bottom three will be for the bees, and we will get the top 2 Boxes when time comes. We just received our Bees yesterday! Placed them in the hives, Checked on them last night before coming in for the evening. Going to check on them today just to make sure they all made it in the hives.
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Welcome to Beesource!

You haven't specified what 'checking on them' means, but be careful of excessive meddling during the first week. Checking to see if the queen is released (& removing the cage), and refilling a syrup feeder (if feeding) is all that I would consider appropriate.

A page on package installation tips from Michael Bush:
Welcome Syrup from the kalamazoon area. Have fun beekeeping.
(I tap too)
Hello and welcome to BeeSource from Ohio. Glad you joined us.

I'm a total new bee as well, having just installed 2 packages about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Already had to requeen on of them. Don't be afraid to ask questions. There is years of
experience here available to answer questions (myself not included)

Good luck
When is a good time to add another hive body. I started out with 2 Med Hive Body's I am working with an 8 Frame Bee Hives
I think with all the rain we have been getting I should wait at least another couple weeks. I have filled the feeders three times since we have gotten the Bees. We have had a few rainy days and the Bees have been pretty much cooped up inside the Hives. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks guys
Cool, that's how my hives will be set up to start too. Love it. Welcome.
So my Bees are building the comb in the second hive rather then the bottom hive body. Can I just switch them around and put the one they are building comb in now on the bottom and vis versa?
Welcome STS! It is time to add when what they have is 70 to 80 percent full of brood or food. It is usually best to swap super location so the queen is near the bottom, except in the winter.
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