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1st inspection.....

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I inspected my new hive(new beek) for the first time after hiveing. The queen was released after 5 days, so i started checking frames from the wall frame. There were eggs in some coaming around the queen cage which of course was removed. It was harder to tell if there was eggs on any other frames but some comb had been drawn on at least 5 frames but not completely. Replaced the 10th frame after completeing the inspection but squished a few girls in the process:rolleyes:....hope i still have a live queen! They finished 2/3rds of a gallon of sugar/water 1:1 in that same length of time as well.
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Sounds like all is going well. Usually it is recommended to keep the syrup on them for a full month at least. Then remove it if they are not taking it. They prefer nectar. Recheck in ten days from first inspection to inspect brood pattern and pollen/syrup storage. In three weeks or so you may need to add more space. Don't let them get "syrup bound"
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