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1st inspection- WOW!!

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I went in for a real inspection today of my remaining hive! WOW!! There seemed to be a huge amt of bees, way more than I remember from removing the Queen cage. Guess I know where my missing bees went. They were clustered on the inner cover, down the sides, over 4-5 frames and flying around warning me!! I didn't see the queen but got some to move and found capped cells and larva of various sizes! Also pollen and clear liquid that I assume is SW from feeder. I am so relieved.
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I'm thrilled for you- what a great feeling! :)
Congrats!! We just did our first hive inspection yesterday. Amazing, isn't it?! :applause:
If that was with the field bees out of the hive (at noon), the place must be crazy when ALL the girls are in. It was also a bit scarey. Now if I can just get some to put in the hive that was vacated last week.
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