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4ish langstrom hives
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That's a good place to be. At some point the new equipment expenses have to drop off. In my head I think I want 25 hives. We'll see if I think that when I have 10.

I have pretty simple goals here. A fun hobby that pays for itself that might pay for some nice vacations. My wife has been retired for a year now. I've got 5 if things don't south of where they are now.
yes, after you get the equipment the cost drops off if you keep the same number of hives. I bought some equipment this year, but did not need to buy much. Some of the equipment I bought was to replace the 1 box hive that I sold. At this point going forward I think my biggest expense is going to be containers for selling honey and mite treatments.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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