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1st cut out!!!!

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Today I completed my first ever cut out:D. I built a bee vac earlier this week, and used it along with various other tools to obtain the bees. They are smaller than my Itailians, I think they are mutts, as they are colored from yellow to black, and many shades in between.

The owner of the house wanted them out of his roof, as they had been there for 3 years, and he was getting sick of them. I wanted to put off the cut out for warmer weather, but if I didnt get them this week, he was going to Raid them:(. I got about 5 medium frames of brood, and about 45 pounds of honey, as well as a frame of pollen. I put them in an 8 frame medium hive, and put on an entrance feeder with HBH and Amino B Booster. I figure I got about 4pounds of bees. :)

I forgot to mention that they are very docile, no stings!!!!
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Sounds great!! glad you did your first cut out, it really is a confidence builder to do one.

Were you by yourself?

No pics? it doesn't count if you don't have pics:no::D:D:D

I had some help by my dad, handing up tools and helping control suction on the vac.

Sorry no pics, I was way to excited to snap pics. I will have pictures on the next one!:D
Alright we will let this one slide;)

I know what you mean, sometimes I get so busy I forget to snap pics myself and then all of a sudden you are finished.

Now that you're in possession of a "feral" colony that's survived 3 years without meds, are you going to keep them medication free??

It's a good start to bees that MAY require no medication, afterall... :)
Big Daddy-

I do not medicate any of my hives, and am very excited about adding this new colony to my yard. They have made it 3 years without any outside help, so why step in and try to fix something that isnt broke? I did put them in a hive with a screened bottom board, for ventalation and for mite control.

I am planning on splitting this hive, maybe next spring, if all goes well. They had about 45 pounds of honey left over from winter, so I think that they are prolific gatherers also!
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