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Hello Beekeepers,
We just got back from the American Beekeeping Federation Conference where we were selling our products at a 15% discount, plus extending the offer with a coupon good until February 1, 2016. We wanted to offer all of our friends on BEESOURCE the same deal with no minimum order. Just type in ABF into the coupon box. 15% off, not including shipping.
And our very exciting news, we are now a FULL LINE BEEKEEPING STORE carrying everything from our Combo Deep Screened Bottom Boards to all sorts of equipment, including Lids, Frames, Foundations, Boxes, Tools and Clothing. We have a complete line of NUC Equipment. We are offering many of our products weatherproofed and unfinished in 10, 8 and 5 frame sizes. Check us out at our Store at
Check out our website at for information about our equipment and chemical free beekeeping.
One more thing, I will be attending the Mason Valley Beekeepers Conference here in Yerrington, Nevada. February 26 & 27, 2016.
I will be speaking on Winter Feeding and Counting Mites. Randy Oliver and Dr. Larry Connor will also be speaking. More information at their website

Janet Brisson
[email protected]
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