Sec. 12. [136j] UNLAWFUL ACTS.
(a) In General.-- (1) Except as provided by subsection (b) of this section, it shall be unlawful for any person in any State to distribute or sell to any person-- (A) any pesticide that is not registered under section 3 or whose registration has been canceled or suspended, except to the extent that distribution or sale otherwise has been authorized by the Administrator under this Act; (B) any registered pesticide if any claims made for it as a part of its distribution or sale substantially differ from any claims made for it as a part of the statement required in connection with its registration under section 3; (C) any registered pesticide the composition of which differs at the time of its distribution or sale from its composition as described in the statement required in connection with its registration under section 3; (D) any pesticide which has not been colored or discolored pursuant to the provisions of section 25(c)(5); (E) any pesticide which is adulterated or misbranded; or (F) any device which is misbranded. (2) It shall be unlawful for any person - (A) to detach, alter, deface, or destroy, in whole or in part, any labeling required under this Act; (B) to refuse to - (i) prepare, maintain, or submit any records required by or under section 5, 7, 8, 11, or 19; (ii) submit any reports required by or under section 5,6, 7, 8, 11 or 19; or (iii) allow any entry, inspection, copying of records, or sampling authorized by this Act; (C) to give a guaranty or undertaking provided for in subsection (b) which is false in any particular, except that a person who receives and relies upon a guaranty authorized under subsection (b) may give a guaranty to the same effect, which guaranty shall contain, in addition to the person's own name and address, the name and address of the person residing in the United States from whom the person received the guaranty or undertaking; (D) to use for the person's own advantage or to reveal, other than to the Administrator, or officials or employees of the Environmental Protection Agency or other Federal executive agencies, or to the courts, or to physicians, pharmacists, and other qualified persons, needing such information for the performance of their duties, in accordance with such directions as the Administrator may prescribe, any information acquired by authority of this Act which is confidential under this Act; (E) who is a registrant, wholesaler, dealer, retailer, or other distributor to advertise a product registered under this Act for restricted use without giving the classification of the product assigned to it under section 3; (F) to distribute or sell, or to make available for use, or to use, any registered pesticide classified for restricted use for some or all purposes other than in accordance with section 3(d) and any regulations thereunder, except that it shall not be unlawful to sell, under regulations issued by the Administrator, a restricted use pesticide to a person who is not a certified applicator for application by a certified applicator; (G) to use any registered pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling; (H) to use any pesticide which is under an experimental use permit contrary to the provisions of such permit; (I) to violate any order issued under section 13; (J) to violate any suspension order issued under section 3(c)(2)(B), 4, or 6; (K) to violate any cancellation order issued under this Act or to fail to submit a notice in accordance with section 6(g); (L) who is a producer to violate any of the provisions of section 7; (M) to knowingly falsify all or part of any application for registration, application for experimental use permit, any information submitted to the Administrator pursuant to section 7, any records required to be maintained pursuant to this Act, any report filed under this Act, or any information marked as confidential and submitted to the Administrator under any provision of this Act; (N) who is a registrant, wholesaler, dealer, retailer, or other distributor to fail to file reports required by this Act; (O) to add any substance to, or take any substance from, any pesticide in a manner that may defeat the purpose of this Act; (P) to use any pesticide in tests on human beings unless such human beings (i) are fully informed of the nature and purposes of the test and of any physical and mental health consequences which are reasonably foreseeable therefrom, and (ii) freely volunteer to participate in the test; (Q) to falsify all or part of any information relating to the testing of any pesticide (or any ingredient, metabolite, or degradation product thereof), including the nature of any protocol, procedure, substance, organism, or equipment used, observation made, or conclusion or opinion formed, submitted to the Administrator, or that the person knows will be furnished to the Administrator or will become a part of any records required to be maintained by this Act; (R) to submit to the Administrator data known to be false in support of a registration; or (S) to violate any regulation issued under section 3(a) or 19.
(b) Exemptions.-The penalties provided for a violation of paragraph (1) of subsection (a) shall not apply to-- (1) any person who establishes a guaranty signed by, and containing the name and address of, the registrant or person residing in the United States from whom the person purchased or received in good faith the pesticide in the same unbroken package, to the effect that the pesticide was lawfully registered at the time of sale and delivery to the person, and that it complies with the other requirements of this Act, and in such case the guarantor shall be subject to the penalties which would otherwise attach to the person holding the guaranty under the provisions of this Act; (2) any carrier while lawfully shipping, transporting, or delivering for shipment any pesticide or device, if such carrier upon request of any officer or employee duly designated by the Administrator shall permit such officer or employee to copy all of its records concerning such pesticide or device; (3) any public official while engaged in the performance of the official duties of the public official; (4) any person using or possessing any pesticide as provided by an experimental use permit in effect with respect to such pesticide and such use or possession; or (5) any person who ships a substance or mixture of substances being put through tests in which the purpose is only to determine its value for pesticide purposes or to determine its toxicity or other properties and from which the user does not expect to receive any benefit in pest control from its use.