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100% acceptance, #8 wire cloth wrap

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Hi, All! The frame wire cloth wrap really works. I have been trying to introduce 2 new hygenic stock Cordovan (reddish yellow)
queens from a bee farm to their new hives since last Friday after the hives are made queen less. The older worker bees kept on balling them
after a few times of trying to separate them. Frustrated, I cut out a #8 window screen wire cloth to
wrap around the entire frame with capped broods about to be hatch. In one frame I put in extra newly
hatched bees and then put in the new queen bee.
Today was the 3rd day so I free them by taking the wire cloths off. They did not ball any of them queens.
So far so good with their 100% acceptance rate.
Thanks to all who contributed to this idea. Though the other 3 queens inside a mini jzbz cage did not
make it. They all got killed today. Oh well, back to the drawing board again to raise more queens this time.

Pic of the wrap frame and its released new queens:


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If you think that wire is 'window screen' go back and look at the top of photo #1. Count the wire 'holes' next to a bee. Sure looks like #8 to me. :D Also look to the bottom of that same photo to see how camera perspective changes the appearance of the same piece of screen as you look lower and the viewing angle changes.

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Whether it is a mesh window screen #8 or just a simple window screen mesh, it serves the purpose of
the queen introduction. You don't have to use a window screen wire mesh as long as it will hold the
bees inside while keeping the workers out so they will not ball her. This idea works for me so far and I
will use it again to minimize the queen loss. You can try similar experiment to see if this will work for you
too. My queen is laying now because it reduced the time to hold her inside a mini cage. And today I received
a call from the bee farm asking me to buy another queen bee. But I kindly declined. In 3 more days I can make
some graft from them eggs. They will all be Cordovan queens to grow my operation. I'm glad that this simple
window wire mesh works for me #8 or otherwise. :)

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Humm, your wire frame gave me the idea of putting the entire frame
inside it. Once I figured out all the dimension then this is doable.
Good idea for the improvement.
Is your frame for queen introduction too? How so?
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