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If you're trying to use the CD cases get the real thin cases. On each side there's a tab about an inch long. Use a pair of pliers and break that tab out to leave an opening 3/4"-1" long and about 1/8" high. Don't break into the top! Place the bait in the middle of the box and lay the box on top of the frames toward one end of your hive. Place another box on the bottom board back in a corner. If you want you can tape a piece of coat hanger wire to the ones that go on the bottom and just slide them in and out the front entrance. Check them every 2-3 weeks and empty the dead bodies and replenish the bait as needed. The Beetle Barns from Rossman's are easier to use but cost a buck apiece; they are infinitely reusable though. We're in the middle of the August-September SHB invasion right now and when I went through about 50 hives Tuesday each trap had 20-50 beetle corpses!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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