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1:1 mix, boiling or raw?

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I'm getting really confused and it has to do with reading too much into something. Yesterday I looked into one of my hives and found only 2 frames of bees on them. I had placed a rim on top of the deep along with dry sugar and a pollen patty. This part was done about a month ago when we had some good weather to open the hive.

I'm assuming they are starving at this point since there is only 2 frames of bees.

I placed a mix of 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water into a ziploc bag onto the shim close to the 2 frames of bees and of course cut two slits in the ziploc bag for emergency feeding.

My question, I did not boil the sugar water, did I make a mistake here? And do you think my hive is doomed at this point?
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Water for syrup does not need to be boiled.

If you are making syrup with a high ratio of sugar, say 2:1, then hotter water will assist in dissolving the sugar, but heat is not needed for syrup safety or preservation.

Are there any eggs/brood in the hive? I'm a bit south of you, but I would expect a viable hive in your location to have some brood by now.
I'm pretty sure I read a study about boiling water and sugar and feeding it to bees may increase mortality. Not to the point of hive collapse but to us any unnecessary loss is just that, unnecessary. It may be quoted on Randy Oliver site ( everyone should visit and contribute to support Randy's timely work). We like to use Water abut 120 degrees and mix the sugar in well. We think this make the sugar more soluble when mixing and decreases solids which can be more difficult for bees to digest and contribute to dysentery in winter. With bees today it's just every little thing. I agree with Radar, feeding it cold mixed will not impact your bees critically, especially in the spring. 2 frames of bees is a likely loss but keep them fed and if the weather turns you may get lucky. Good Luck and let us know how you make out.
I dump 10 lb of sugar into two empty milk jugs. Fill with hot tap water. I will have some settling at first but will mix up by the next day.

This time of year where you are I would think you'd have more bees. I suspect something else is wrong but need more info. Queen right, brood, eggs etc.
I didn't want to take the frames out since it they looked weak already, but was able to observe them on the insides of the frames (looking down into the sides of the frames), thus not being able to tell about eggs/brood as of yet. I'll do this when I start seeing more on the frames.

Regarding another hive that I have, its has 8 out of 10 frames filled with bees. I'm thinking maybe taking some of the bees out of that hive and putting it on the weak one with the newspaper method. I'll let every know. Thanks for the replies!
Boiled will keep better.
2:1 will keep better.
5:3 will mix easier and still keep well.
For 1:1, I am a "hot tap water" man, myself. Mainly for convenience. I've never noticed any problems.
You won't need to use newspaper to add brood. Just put them in.

I wouldent add brood until I knew what was going on in that hive.
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