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  1. Beekeeping 101
    2nd year- (correcting mistakes from 1st year)- lost hives last year partially due to YK predation. So this year added robbing screens straight away to nucs. Really impressed so far with use and noticed a Bald Faced Hornet on the face of one of the robbing screens the other day. Since the...
  2. Bee Forum
    Good day, Two years ago I was able to trap a nice fat swarm with only a wooden box of about 20 litres without any frames or foundation. However, it was a real pain moving them to the hive... This year I am trying to build some traps "by the book". I know, I know: there is no one single...
  3. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    Hope I am posting this in the best place. Been hearing/reading about these bushes and started looking for some. They are pretty much all gone for the year now. However, a fellow couple of hours away made me an offer I couldn't refuse. They are small young plants - look great. Couple at...
  4. Beekeeping 101
    Hi. I opened my hive today. Found little honey, very few larva and a handful of dead pupae sticking out of combs, despite my efforts to control ants... hive is under attack. I have used a sticky compound, sap-like, to keep ants from entering hive but they keep finding entrances. Yellow...
  5. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    Brand new top bar beekeeper here in Southern California having many difficulties getting bees to stay in hive. First colony of wild bees absconded after 2days. Appears I left viewing window open or small red ants drove them off. Been trying to win battle against the ants ever since. Now have 2nd...
  6. Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Presentations
    Tonight we release the fiftieth episode of our beekeeping podcast, this one is a review of the New Zealand 2013 Bee Season and a bit of reflection of what’s been happening with us at kiwimana . This will be the last one for this season; we will be back in August with the next edition after our...
  7. Bee Forum
    Hello All, I'm new to beekeeping and could use some guidance. Yesterday I went to do an inspection on my hives and was stung while getting my equipment on. I was surprised considering my hives were 30ft away but didn't think anything about it. Thought I must have done something to upset the...
  8. Diseases and Pests
    I'm receiving a kit from Dadant soon and it includes an entrance feeder. I heard that often, these feeders can attract wasps. How do I prevent this without buying some special type of feeder?
  9. Diseases and Pests
    Hi all, We set up our first hive last April, and the colony was doing great. 2 brood chambers and a honey super all packed by August. The outer frames still had some room left, so we left off adding another honey super until it began looking like an Indian Summer out here in Cali. If the...
  10. Bee Forum
    I've been setting out beer traps for slugs, and find some of them full of drowned yellow jackets. Maybe I'll set one up where I see them hanging around in front of the hive. Or might it attract and drown bees?
  11. Bee Forum
    Yellow jackets to honey bees! Ernie
1-11 of 11 Results