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  1. Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Presentations
    This week we are talking to Michael Jordan 'The Bee Whisperer' from Wyoming. This is Episode Seventy Seven of our beekeeping podcast. Michael Jordan is a holistic bee keeper from Cheyenne in Wyoming, who along with teaching beekeeping and making the famous "King Mead" is the Bee Whisperer. You...
  2. Bee Forum
    Any Beek's From Wyoming??? Hi, I am from Lander Wyoming and would like to find a Bee Club close to my home town! First year bee keeper started 2 hive in April from 5 frame nucs! Had to combined the 2 hive mid July bee count was down in one hive after a queen cell was found funny thing original...
  3. Welcome Forum
    So, here's the skinny on me..... I work as a registered nurse at our local hospital on Med-Surg and the ICU. I occasionally pick up shifts in the PACU if they need me. I used to keep fish tanks but space has ruled those out for the time being. I have off and on thought about keeping bees for...
1-3 of 3 Results