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  1. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    Denver, Colorado - An "Average Joe’s” Guide to Beekeeping - A Hands-on Workshop Serie An "Average Joe’s” Guide to Beekeeping - A Hands-on Workshop Series If you have an interest in bees, pollination and/or the environment, are new to beekeeping or just thinking of bee-coming a beekeeper and...
  2. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    The Illinois Queen Initiative (IQI) is providing queen rearing workshops for the first time in Chicago. The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park is co-hosting the first workshop and is handling registration through their website. The workshop at the North Park Village Nature Center is...
  3. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    Bee-giners Beekeeping May 16: 9am to 4pm, May 17: 9am to 4pm & May 18: 9am to 12pm Bordentown, NJ | $190 This two and a half-day program covers the basics of apiculture by providing comprehensive information and hands-on experience to help students start, maintain and care for a honey bee...
  4. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    Bee workshops at the USF Botanical Gardens in Tampa, Florida start at 10:00 on Saturday. The first hour is lecture, followed by question and answer, followed by practical experiences with the hives. January 21 What do bees bring to the table? (pollination) Bee Friendly Garden (flowers...
  5. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    Looking for participants for a Spring Top Bar Beekeeping workshop given by Les Crowder in Alamogrodo, New Mexico. Need at least 12 particpants. Contact [email protected] for more info.
  6. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    How to Make Summer Nucs A Hands-on Workshop Saturday, July 16, 2011 1pm –4pm 163 Highland Cliff Road, Windham ME Presenter: Master Beekeeper Erin MacGregor-Forbes This will be a hands-on workshop utilizing the Cumberland County Beekeepers Association’s club hives to make 4 summer nucs for the...
1-6 of 7 Results