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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    For the last year or so I have been using bamboo skewers instead of wiring frames. Yes skewers. I hate wiring frames and the thin skewers don't take long to install. You just have to drill holes in the bottom bar if you don't have a groove. The skewers are the same thickness as foundation, so...
  2. Coffee Klatch
    We're converting from electric to gas stoves. It's a 10-50R type socket with stranded 6-gauge wire to the double pole 50A breaker. Is there a way to do this change with the existing wire rather than fishing new wire? Like put a 15A single-pole breaker in the place of the double, and on the...
  3. Bee Forum
    Can someone tell me what is the proper way to wire deep brood frame? I am not talking "X" method but parallel using all 4 holes. Do we use 2 nails or one in the side i.e. do we make 2 "U"s with 2 nails, or, do we connect all 4 holes with a single nail? Pic would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Bee Forum
    I am looking for a specific info. Somebody posted somewhere here (few days ago) a pic of special pliers which he is using to tighten and wind wire on the frame. I remember those pliers had rollers on the tips. Can that person please help me since I am trying to find that pic. I am also wandering...