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  1. Small Hive Beetle in winter?

    Diseases and Pests
    Checking my bees the other day and I noticed several dead SHBs on the landing board. I had not thought that they survived over winter as adults. I assumed that the larvae lived in the ground and each year a new crop appeared, but seeing these makes me wonder if adults pass the winter in the...
  2. Brood Rearing Below Zero Help!

    Hi all I brought a single deep colony into my heated workshop (55-60 F) about a month ago after seeing broodminder temperatures that were too low. I knew that they would never make it to spring. I was taking a chance but these girls were doomed anyway because the cluster was not big enough...
  3. Fed water droplets/ landing board- they went nuts

    Bee Forum
    6a cloudy snow on the ground and 40. Experimented with spritzing water droplets on the landing board or around top entrance. They went ape. The nozzle was quite close and they would dive on the droplet immediately. Kept it up for 20 minutes with no sign of slowing down. Tom Seeley said the...
  4. Wrapping in the snow!!!

    Bee Forum
    Does anybody else love wrapping in the snow??
  5. Eastern Saskatchewan, Canada

    All other areas
    This is what we do in late winter / early spring :D
  6. Nova Scotia

    All other areas
    We are surrounded by the sea, so our Winters are mild, and our Summers almost never get over 30C (86F). My apiary is in a Pine grove, which protects them from our fierce winds, but most times, they are in dappled Sunlight. To that end, I shop for dark mis-tint paint, because I feel the interior...
  7. Two Hives - combine?

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I have two top bar hives. What I was considering the stronger of the two has enough honey stores and some open brood (eggs and larva) but a bad case of mites. The weaker one has little honey stores closed brood and no visible signs of disease or mites. At this point what is my best option...
  8. Preparing a small hive for winter

    Winter Beekeeping
    Hello, Just a quick question about one of my hives. This hive is struggling with European foulbrood (I have been trying several natural ways to do deal with EFB). There is currently about 2 frames of brood and about 4 frames of honey, but that is all. The other frames have wax cells, but are...
  9. Lots of bees but no honey or pollen?

    Beekeeping 101
    Hi All, I have six hives divided 3/3 in two locals on my farm. Three are gang busters full of honey brood and pollen but on the other side of my property 2km away, the other three are loaded with bees but two are practically empty of pollen and honey. The third has a full deep of honey (these...
  10. Queen loss in winter, laying workers

    Bee Forum
    While in my hive yesterday, it appears that my queen is gone and I have laying workers. I base this on the broad pattern and swore I saw a few drones. Based on it being only January, what would you recommend I do with this situation. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  11. OK to Leave Empty Brood Boxes & Supers Outside This Winter?

    Beekeeping 101
    Sadly this is the third fall in a row losing both our back yard hives (for various reasons) :( Past two years I brought the boxes inside to harvest what I could and then stored them in my basement. The supers seem light so I don't think we'll be harvesting, but I'm wondering if it's ok to just...
  12. New Hive--Fall prep questions from a noob

    Beekeeping 101
    Hi, I have questions and would appreciate some advice as no amount of interwebs searching is giving me a straight answer. I've looked through this forum pretty extensively but if I've missed any posts dealing with these questions, I'd appreciate any links so you don't have to respond again. I...
  13. Honey for Winter

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    How many bars of honey should let my bees keep for Winter?
  14. Cleaning the honey supers

    Hello everyone, hope you are having a great start of the beekeeping season. I have question how to clean the honey supers? Last year after we extracted the honey and scraped off the wax from the frames we placed them in the plastic bags and put them in the shed. But during the winter mice...
  15. So winter is coming...

    Bee Forum
    Did a hive inspection last weekend to check up on the girls. They seem to be doing well! My question is I have 3 deeps on the hive right now 2 deep bodies for the brood area and 1 for honey (that's a story for a different time), brood has dwindled down to half of 3 frames on both bodies so about...
  16. Over wintering in polystyrene hives

    Bee Forum
    For those that use polystyrene hives (ours are Bee Box/Paradise) how do you over winter? I’ve read some posts suggesting leaving the bottom screen wide open for ventilation. If the hives are on the ground the open venting may be fine but on a open stand, off the ground it seems like too much...
  17. Colony too big or not? Swarming in September? Bearding at night

    Bee Forum
    Good day, In mid-June this year I made a split from my overwintered colony. By the end of July I already had 3 full boxes (8 frame Lang) on that new split. Two weeks ago I took the upper box off - it was full of honey (just as the second box is). I extracted the honey and then installed the...
  18. Made It Thru Winter With More Honey Than Expected

    Bee Forum
    First winter, first hive. I started with a nuc in late Summer. I put the bees in a jumbo box (12" deep, 24" long). By late fall, the box was filled with drawn comb, though there didn't seem to be enough stores for the fairly large carniolan population. I didn't treat for Varroa. On one...
  19. winter bee deaths - question

    Bee Forum
    Hi All, I am a newbie, seeing my hive through its first winter. I live in the mountains of Idaho and we've been having even colder than usual temps (several nights over the past month have dipped below 0F). My hive has a quilt box and bee-quilt wrap, with bottom and top openings kept clear...
  20. Winter - Spring : Suggestions to new beekeepers

    Bee Forum
    Hello, I am a relatively new beekeeper with 2 hives that I started in July from nuc-s. My current hives are identical (SBB, 2 deeps, feeding rim, quilt box, telescopic cover.) There are about 10lb of sugar bricks in feeding rim. I am not sure what did I do right and/or wrong till now, but...