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    Hello everyone, I'm a 28yo happily married father of 1 in Hartsville, SC. I have been a Nuclear Auxiliary Operator for the past 5 years and spent 4 years prior as a Draftsman and 3d designer. I have decided to try beekeeping as a hobby because I think it's interesting, needed, and not very...
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    Hello! My girlfriend Silvia and me (Marco) are novice beekepers in northern Italy- we have a small apiary of 5 hives and hope to increase the number within some years. We definitely have more doubts on beekeeping than bees, that's one reason for us to join the forum :)
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    1st year backyard beek here... only have 1 hive for financial reasons but loving it so far!
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    We purchase our own bees 5 years ago, after renting bees for pollution of our produce crops. We enjoy managing the hives. Although it does require a lot of time. Lansing