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  1. Photo/Video Gallery
    This isn't exactly about bees, but it does show a garden spider capturing a wasp near my log hive. I recently noticed the wasps are all over the bamboo which is directly behind the log hive. It turns out that wasps like the bamboo. They gather material (fibers?) for their paper nests. I'm...
  2. Beekeeping 101
    1. Put wax moth comb on strong hive? 2. Did the Bt not work...or did it? I'm trying to decide whether to re-use some medium drawn frames that went through a wax moth invasion. I don't have a freezer to put the comb in but I do have a strong hive I could at least put a super of the damaged...
  3. Photo/Video Gallery
    Two hives were weakened by mosquito spraying and the small hive beetles, wax moths and ants finished the job. Notice the small crawling larva and oily appearance! This hive had about 5 gallons of honey when destroyed.
1-3 of 3 Results