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wax melting

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    I would like help on equipment that I need to purchase. 1. I would like to purchase a tank for creaming honey. 2. I would like to process (liquefy and melt) cappings and beeswax. To save costs, I would like to know if I could get by with just purchasing the Maxant honey creamer, which is...
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    I just processed a honey supers worth of honey using the scrape and strain method. I would like to melt down the wax and save for a future use. Do I have to do anything special to it? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks! Steph
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    i have some dark wax an i dont know how to make it light
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    Finally I had a moment of clarity... the deep fryer basket coincidentally fits a mesh bag! It's easy enough to boil used comb in the basket, then when it's all melted just lift out the basket, pour boiling water through it to rinse, and I get a cooled, very clean cap of wax for final rendering...