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wax dipping

  1. Equipment/Hardware
    I am planning to build a few pallets, probably just 2 way pallets but possibly 4 way, and I think I will have someone that can wax dip them for me to save painting. If the bottom supports that contact the ground are made from basic pine will the wax dipping be enough to protect them against rot...
  2. Bee Forum
    I've made the decision to dip my hives this year for a multitude of reasons, but I haven't found much info on dipping plywood. I'm switching to migratory covers so I don't need to get my friend to bend 100+ tele cover flashings to meet this year's requirements and to save a couple $$. My...
  3. Wanting to Buy
    Does anyone know where we can buy the equipment used for wax dipping hive bodies? We need something large enough for the club to use.
  4. FAQ
    Dipping empty hive bodies in a melted wax mixture is a method of boiling out some of the water in lumber and replacing some of that water with wax. Note that beeswax alone is generally considered too soft when cooled, so generally dips are combinations of waxes/rosins. In some cases the wax...