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  1. Warre and other Compact Vertical Hives Forum
    My Warre hive had expanded over a number of weeks to 7 boxes 16 days before I saw a vast prime swarm issue from the hive which I've now hived in a second hive -it weighed 5kg! I had hoped that enlarging the hive would lessen swarming and this seems to have been the case since this is the first...
  2. Warre and other Compact Vertical Hives Forum
    I was checking out how they over wintered and thought it would be a good opportunity to share what my apiary looks like:
  3. Warre and other Compact Vertical Hives Forum
    Can someone help me understand why the entrance to a Warre hive is usually put at the bottom of the hive instead of at the top? Wouldn't it make more sense to put the entrance at the top, let the bees start their brood nest there and move down as the colony grows?
  4. Warre and other Compact Vertical Hives Forum
    I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado - South of Denver. I have tried to find a mentor through my local bee association and not only are there none but it seems that people have little knowledge of the Warre Hive. Although, some said I think a few people may have tried it. That leads me to...
  5. Warre and other Compact Vertical Hives Forum
    attached you will see an image of my hive. actually, no you won't because the photo won't insert—i just get a red exclamation point no matter how small or what format i make it. oh well, i'll describe it. the hive is made from 10 frame medium super langstroth boxes with foundationless frames...
  6. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I am adding a second hive, and wouldn't mind something different. I'd like to buy the nicest, easiest, closest to foolproof TBH with excellent accessories (easy feeders, easy wintering). Better to look good than to be good? You may ask, why not just buy honey? good question, but I like...
  7. Welcome Forum
    Hello all, glad to be here. Entering my third winter here in Pennsylvania with the Warre Hive system. Started with 2 and we're now up to 7 courtesy of some very accesible swarms this past summer.
  8. Warre and other Compact Vertical Hives Forum
    First time beekeeper wondering how to keep our Warre hive cool enough to make it through summer in Arizona. We have the hive under a covered horse corral with shade cloth on the west side. Wondering about plans for a screened bottom board. Saw the photos of sumps . . . What keeps the bees...
  9. Warre and other Compact Vertical Hives Forum
    Here is my Warré Hive so far. Built as close to the plans as I can. The top box is made from cedar and the bottom box is made from pine. All boards are 1" thick nominal, All things being equal I like building with Cedar better. But alas they are not equal. I can build three pine boxes for the...
  10. Welcome Forum
    Hello, Glad to find fellow beekeepers to learn from and share my newest obsession! My first year keeping bees was last year (2010) and I purchased 4 packages in the spring. They seemed to do fine until half way through the year and then 2 of them just faded away with less and less bees every...
1-10 of 10 Results