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  1. Photo/Video Gallery
    Hoping I can keep pumping these out indefinitely
  2. Photo/Video Gallery
    New series I'll be pumping out once per week. Enjoy
  3. Photo/Video Gallery
    The other day a swarm decided to move in to a lure hive I put out for them. I caught them on video, saw the queen and helped her in, when to my surprise they built a ladder to bridge the gap to the landing board to help their sisters march. Here's the video I created for family and friends...
  4. Photo/Video Gallery
    I've been messing around with the editing tools on youtube. Pretty neat. This one is slowed down to 1/4 speed. It still looks like normal speed because they move so fast. The best part is the audio. Bird sounds become very strange and bee wings sound deeper. Turn up the volume. Hope you enjoy...
  5. Welcome Forum
    Hey hey hey! Excited new beekeeper here! Received my first NUC ever the beginning of May and I am so eager to get more bees I just cant contain myself (well my finances contain me pretty well). At this point I am like a sponge soaking up info where I can and look forward to gaining ans sharing...
  6. Bee Forum
    I was asked today at work about beekeeping videos. Here are several the University of Florida, Dr. Jamie Ellis publishes. Pests and Diseases Resources -- Additional Information --...
  7. Diseases and Pests
    I have been doing some research on CCD and was wondering if anyone has had the chance to document video of the activity inside the hive when the hive experiences Colony Collapse Disorder? Thanks!
  8. Photo/Video Gallery
    Hello everyone, We are situated in a rural area the middle of France and have just acquired our first colony which we transferred into our home-made beehive which accommodates 6 Australian Flow Frames. If you are interested, here is a short video about it. The video is in Dutch, with English...
  9. Equipment/Hardware
    Hi, Hoping to create a conversation around technology and beekeeping. I grew up with bees, am a hobbyist beekeeper and work in a medical robotics company by day. For the last year my team and I have been working on a tech to bring healthcare analytics to bee hives. Hobbyist and commercial...
  10. Video Gallery
    Heh, I accidentally said "bringing in comb" instead of pollen. It's hard to see but four of the five frames in the box was full of comb. I checked for brood without filming because that requires two hands, but there was plenty of tiny eggs in the frame where the queen cage was in. Am I right...
  11. Video Gallery
    Check out this fun animated video by a group called Tragic Gadget.
  12. Welcome Forum
    I made this 2 minutes super slow motion bee film. Please check it out and feel free to post the link anywhere you like. Thank you for watching it.
  13. Bee Forum
    I made this 2 minutes super slow motion bee film. Please check it out and feel free to post the link anywhere you like. Thank you for watching it.
  14. Video Gallery
    Hi there, My son received a grant and wrote about beekeeping and apiculture: His last entry included a video he made in our yards: Titled: The Bee Series...
  15. Bee Forum Published on Mar 25, 2014 A lecture given by Mike Palmer at the National Honey Show 2013 entitled "Comb Honey Production in the Northern Champlain Valley".
  16. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I opened the hive up the other day for a full inspection. It is the first time I have done so. It is also the first time I have had bees so differentiating between capped honey and brood has proved to be a bit of a challenge for me (drone brood is easy to spot). I am sure it will all make sense...
  17. Bee Forum
    Above is a short video I made yesterday to show the bees flying around the hive. I'm really anxious to get inside this hive and see how they're doing, but up till now, it's been too cold and/or windy, so I don't want to chill any brood.
  18. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    Today, I was calling pest control people to ask for information of a swarm I could get. One guy said if I had called 10 minutes later they would have been dead. He was kind enough to wait 40 minutes for me to get there. The amazing coincidence (if you are a non-believer) is I got my suit and...
  19. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
1-20 of 30 Results