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  1. Multiple OA Vap treatments

    Beekeeping 101
    Turns out my mite control early in the year was not as effective as expected, so I have one hive with an excessive mite load. This is my second year as a beek, so still dialing in how to be a beekeeper rather than a varroa mite keeper. I did a full course of OA vaporization over the last two...
  2. Late August mite treatment options Upstate NY

    Diseases and Pests
    At the end of July, I treated both of my hives with Formic Pro. Since I only had 2 patties available then, I took the 1 patty for 10 days applied twice route. Treatment finished this past Thursday. When I opened the hive to remove the patty, an alcohol wash revealed there were more mites at the...
  3. brood break varroa mite treatment by adding a queen cell (requeening)

    Treatment-Free Beekeeping
    Suppose you are making queens. You have bad hives that you want to treat for varroa (with an artificial brood break) and requeen. You want to breed from and not treat your good hives. How do you do this? The goal for bad hives Apply the treatment. requeen My simplified definition of a brood...
  4. varroa IPM

    Diseases and Pests
    I thought I would share with ya'll one of the steps I take in keeping varroa counts down. Years ago, I did the green drone frames/ freeze thing, and came to consider it a waste of hive resources. Then one day, I was reading some wise words written by Laurie, and saw how she cut her foundation...
  5. Podcast Samuel Ramsey - varroa more destructive then when it first arrived

    Bee Forum I just listened to this podcast interview of a very well known researcher of the varroa mite. No matter how or if you treat he talks about how much more destructive varroa is then when it...
  6. Barriers to entry in commercial beekeeping

    Commercial Beekeeping
    There are plenty of barriers to entry whether you are talking about the business side of things or the down in the trenches fieldwork. From new diseases, new pesticides, a hostile environment, etc. Beekeeping is not for the faint of heart. whoops url comming soon :P
  7. Heat treatment for varroa

    Diseases and Pests
    I am a newbie and trying to treat varroa without chemicals. A experienced and very good beekeeper who is also anti chemical mentioned an instrument that kills varroa by heat. If anyone has used this could you tell me about it and what you think and just for kicks. Does it work. Pleeeeaase
  8. Regular treatment for varroa

    Diseases and Pests
    Hi, I've been beekeeping for a couple of years with mixed success. I'm getting a better handle on managing varroa, and I was just curious if people have times of the year that they'll just automatically treat their hives? Or if they only treat when they know there's a problem? I'm in San...
  9. Varomor - Oxalic acid vaporizer

    Diseases and Pests
    Dear all, Have you tried the "Varomor" vaporizer for treating against varroa? I have seen some YouTube videos (unfortunately all in German) and find it a good choice against the ProVap 110. I do not have access to electricity in my apiaries and do not know how wise would it be to depend on car...
  10. Cost of treating Varroa mites?

    "Scientific" Studies / CCD / Neonics
    I am looking for studies on the cost of burden treating Varroa mites. I have not been able to find data on the cost burden to the industry of treating varroa. Has anyone seen research on this? I have some back of the envelope caulation but would like something more authoritative. Alex
  11. Recoverable hive?

    Bee Forum
    Have a hive from a nuc that built up real quick this past spring. It seemed to be doing pretty well, in fact it was the only hive that I got honey from this year. When I tested for mites in August though, my other 3 hives had between 0 and 3 mites per 100, and this one had about 8. I gave...
  12. OAV treatment in honey producing hive

    Diseases and Pests
    I live in south central Kansas and typically keep a few colonies of bees for honey production. After several seasons of heavy loss due to varroa, my partner and I decided to invest in a vaporizer to treat our colonies. My question is timing. I've read material by Randy Oliver and others, and...
  13. Cautionary tale

    Diseases and Pests
    I had a bad experience this year in one of my apiaries where I used a package of bees to boost a lack-luster hive. I put newspaper over the brood box, put on an empty box, and shook the package onto the newspaper. The bees looked terrible. Deformed ans shriveled wings everywhere, and lots of...
  14. Does nonreproductive swarming adapt to pathogens?

    "Scientific" Studies / CCD / Neonics
    Does nonreproductive swarming adapt to pathogens? What is reproductive and nonreproductive swarming in honey bees? Honey bees play a vital role in the pollination of crops, fruits, and wild plants [1]. However, pathogens and parasites pose major threats to their fitness and survival due to...
  15. In 1987, state agriculture inspectors found the bee-killing varroa mites in a Winter

    Bee Forum
    In 1987, state agriculture inspectors found the bee-killing varroa mites in a Winter Garden hive, according to Sentinel archives. The mites decimated bee colonies across the state, and by 2006, the number of registered beekeepers dropped to about 670, says David Westervelt, chief apiary...
  16. Varroa resistance through Africanization?

    Diseases and Pests
    I monitor varroa using a bottom board count. Last season i treated with Formic Acid when numbers started to climb in August. I harvested some honey in June and the bees seemed more easily riled than before and I did not check for varroa this year until early September due to being away. I...
  17. MAQS cause perforated brood?

    Beekeeping 101
    I just finished a round of MAQS and after my first inspections at 11 and 13 days, I'm seeing hives with decent numbers of bees, but no eggs, and just a handful of perforated capped cells. I am wondering if the perfed caps could possibly have been caused by the MAQS, in addition to killing the...
  18. Would tropilaelaps mites really be that bad?

    Diseases and Pests
    From what I've heard people say tropilaelaps reaching North America and Europe "WOULD BE THE END OF THE WORLD" but from reading a little bit about them it seems like they would be less pestilent than varroa. My reasoning is this. Since tropilaelaps can only feed off of larvae and not adult bees...
  19. Small bees, big bees, small bees

    Bee Forum
    Last year when I started beekeeping I came to the conclusion my bees were on the small side of the bee size spectrum. I grew an affinity for their petite size when I read things such as smaller bees may have a better chance against varroa or smaller bees are more successful at foraging in windy...
  20. A feeding protocol for delivery of agents to assess development in Varroa mites

    "Scientific" Studies / CCD / Neonics
    A feeding protocol for delivery of agents to assess development in Varroa mites A novel feeding protocol for delivery of bio-active agents to Varroa mites was developed by providing mites with honey bee larva hemolymph supplemented with cultured insect cells and selected materials delivered on...