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  1. Welcome Forum
    Does anyone have any experience (or even hearsay information) on the use of oregano essential oil to treat for varroa mites, especially in sugar syrup?
  2. Diseases and Pests
    Just wondering if i could get a few opinions on here about this. I am not seeing any mites on my bees. They Are a hybrid carniolan thats supposed to bite the mites if they come in contact with them. Should i still treat my hive for them? And it's averaging about 40 degrees during the day here.
  3. Diseases and Pests
    I did a sugar roll of my one hive today (my first time ever) and I didn't find a single varroa mite. Is this possible or did I do it wrong? My hive is doing good, they are making honey, raising brood, and bringing in pollen. It is a first year hive from a package too.
  4. Commercial Beekeeping
    Hey, check out this cool story about honey production with some highlights on Russian Queens and Varroa Mites. Also Sweet Virginia Foundation.
  5. Diseases and Pests
    Hello, I am a second-year beekeeper. I believe I have a problem with varroa mites . . . I was very careless and dumb, did a varroa mite check this Spring, and thought everything was good. However, when I went to harvest my honey yesterday, and looked a little closer at my deeps than my usual...
  6. Diseases and Pests
    Hello. We are a First Lego League Robotics team from Idaho doing a project on honey bees. We have been studying varroa mites, current solutions & possible new solutions. We discovered that most people currently use chemical strips to kill mites. The problem with this is mites become resistant &...
  7. Diseases and Pests
    As you may know, I consult for Veto-pharma, the maker of Apivar. I serve as their U.S. technical adviser. Veto-pharma is interested in the practices of beekeepers with regard to monitoring for varroa mites. We have developed a SHORT survey and would appreciate the participation of beekeepers...
  8. Bee Forum
    I went to check on my hives which I have not inspected for a month and all of my bees are gone! Both hives are two years old. The honey is gone and there are no dead bees or brood. They had some wax moth damage and I found a few beetles but I’m not sure if that happened before or after they...
  9. Diseases and Pests
    Installed ApiLife thymol strips treatment for mites a week ago. During the inspection yesterday I noticied a bunch of mites dead on the top of the inner cover. I guess that's a good sign; a dead mite is always a good mite. Anyway, the strips that I put in we're all shredded by the bees. There's...
  10. Bee Forum
    Hello everyone, I just requeened a few aggressive hives today and after 2-3 hours I began noticing that there were quite a few bees walking on the ground all over my yard. I tried to inspect a few of them to see what was wrong and it appears that they are too weak to fly. I'm not sure if this is...
  11. Diseases and Pests
    01/26/2012 The following is a good image of the trachael mites living within a bee tracheal passage. Other images are accessible by navagating the web site...
  12. Beekeeping 101
    Greetings: This is my first post, but I've been reading this forum for a year or so as well as doing research over the internet. The Varro mites seem like a very big issue and I would like to slow it down even before I get started. I've read about Glen Nurseries Cordovan queens that they are...
  13. Commercial Beekeeping
    i was wondering what treatments do you commercial beekeepers give now for varroa
  14. Bee Forum
    I'm a first year beekeeper and I'm preparing for my fall treament of varroa mites. I'm curious to hear what folks experience has been using Mite Away II and the results they have seen. I was at our annual Vermont winter meeting back in January and heard a talk by Medhat Nasr, Provincial...
1-14 of 14 Results