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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    Tired of ruining countless shirts, so bought a vented jacket from Mann Lake. Just pulled it out of the bag and surprised by the weight. If the Ultra Breeze is half the weight, I will probably spring for one. Does anyone have first hand experience with both jackets and could speak to the weight...
  2. Consumer Report
    I bought an Ultra Breeze jacket during the recent sale at Honeymoon Apiaries. As soon as I completed the order I received an email confirmation. Within a week I received an email saying the jacket was shipped, supplying a tracking number. There was no "out of stock", "we're busy"...everything...
  3. Consumer Report
    I have ordered a pair of pants and sent money. Then I ordered a complete suit and paid by paypal and have received nothing. It has been almost a year pertaining to the pants and more than a month about the suit and still I have nothing. I have e-mailed him and called him to no avail. Anyone...
1-3 of 3 Results