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    Over 1,200 hives were stolen statewide in 2016 alone, according to The Associated Press. In Southwest Florida, beekeepers had more than $150,000 worth of hives stolen that year. One beekeeper from Cape Coral estimates that an average beehive is worth $300, but said that doesn’t include other...
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    I have spoken with two people in the last month that have had their hives stolen. i was wondering what you do to prevent theft and what a person should do when a hive has been stolen. To whom would you report the theft? Can you insure your hives? Do you use cameras? Do you anchor your...
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    Dear Beekeepers, I would like to ask you for favor: I am doing some research related to hives and bees safety. Could you tell me: 1) What is the most common problem with beehives protection and, according to you, what would be the best solution for those issues? 2) What would be the average...
  4. Bee Forum We have sad news to report. We started beekeeping last spring with the intention of providing honey to our patients. Last night, someone STOLE ALL 3 HIVES! REWARD: $1,000 reward to anyone who has information leading to the return of our hives. Any...
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    Fighting the Rise of Bee Rustlers
1-5 of 5 Results