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  1. Diseases and Pests
    I'm a newbie currently running two hives. Recently things started going downhill and after reading a lot on viruses I would like to find out if there is a reliable test for viruses. I heard about tests for AFB and EFB those that look like a pregnancy test, but couldn't find anything similar for...
  2. Bee Forum
    Hi there! I have the intention of testing this out: instead of having my honey boxes above my brood, separated by a queen excluder, I want to have the brood sitting at the top of my beehive. The reason I want to do this is because, mainly, I feel it would be easier on the back: taking off one...
  3. Diseases and Pests
    I've been using oxalic acid vaporization for a couple years and it works great to kill mites with no apparent harm to my bees. The only part of the process I dislike is doing the sugar rolls to calculate the pre- and post-test mite load. This testing process is intrusive and I'm always afraid...
  4. Everything Honey
    Can anyone recommend a lab that can test honey samples? I have several 60# pails of citrus honey I got from San Diego County. I've tried the sites listed on, but so far have gotten no replies. Thanks! David
  5. Beekeeping 101
    This will be my first winter with my bees. How do you know when to reduce your hive from two bodies to one, if its tool cold to check and see if they have condensed into one body. Do you have to reduce to a single body? I have some hives that have a good bit of stores in the supers as well, when...
  6. Bee Forum
    With spring soon to start in the northern hemisphere I'm looking for people interested in setting aside a hive or two to test the following method. I have previously referred to this as "Maintaining a hole beside the brood nest" but looking for something less than a mouthful :) have decided to...
  7. Bee Forum
    I have been tasked to implement a program to “certify” beekeepers in Hillsborough County. The Board of Commissioners is implementing an ordinance to allow beekeeping on non-agricultural properties. They want prospective beekeepers to go through a practical and written course to ensure they can...
  8. Home Brewing
    Does anyone know the process for testing water before one makes a batch of mead? I know that PH is important, are there any other variables that need to be considered as well?
1-8 of 8 Results