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    Hey Beeks! I've been keeping bees for close to a decade now. When I first started I followed all the rules, did all the recommended treatments and whatnot. These days I'm very passive in my maintenance. I seldom treat or tear down unless I identify an issue and I don't do preventative...
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    Recently, while working closely with a local beekeeper. We were going through his colonies, together, and introducing less than 24 hour old virgin queens (that's another story), to colonies that appeared they could benefit from a new queen. <<All his hives were in nothing, but 10-frame deeps. A...
  3. Bee Forum
    Analysis of Litopenaeus vannamei Transcriptome Using the Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Technique The expression of the Apis mellifera PUM homolog unigene92779 was up-regulated during 0–215 mps, and then fell to a low level at 480 mps. For main species distribution matched against Nr database...
1-3 of 3 Results