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  1. All other areas
    Greetings. Does anyone have experience of feeding date syrup to bees? I gather the natural sugar in the syrup is better than fondant (which is inverted sugar). Any wisdom on the subject would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. Bee Forum
    What are the effects of feeding ascorbic acid (AA)? How do various concentrations and feeding methods compare? It would be nice to be able to add an amount of AA based on price/effectiveness.
  3. Beekeeping 101
    I'm a new beekeeper in the Rocky mountains, ~9,000ft., zone 5a, I'm using my greenhouse as a sort of AZ hive by putting my Layens hive in it with southern entry. I'm foundationless, and I made several mistakes that cost me 3/4 of my new bees. First, got my package to early, had them inside for...
  4. Beekeeping 101
    Dear all, maybe a very basic question but I do not know how to estimate if feed reserves are sufficient or I need to feed (according to the hive population). I mean, how many syrup / honey frames should I have per frame covered of bees? If I have 4 frames of bees, how many frames of honey/syrup...
  5. Bee Forum
    Dear all, as written in the title, why do we feed syrup when bees still have honey in brood chamber (at least two frames in the sides)? I don't understand why do we keep feeding and / or why do bees don't consume the stored honey (reserves) ? Have a great one. Cheers F.
  6. Bee Forum
    When making sugar syrup for bees, I often read "do not heat or boil the solution as it kills bees." Is this statement true or a perpetuated myth? Then how is fondant not a killer as it's boiled and whipped sugar syrup? (what am I missing?)
  7. Bee Forum
    I've heard before that bees will collect syrup that is feed out of hive faster. The given reason was because the bees see that syrup fed in the hive is already theirs, they can use it at their leisure, so are less inclined to put it in cells, opposed to out of hive feed where they need to move...
  8. Bee Forum
    It was warm here, so I took the sugar bricks away (recently I put them back) and put syrup on top, but the days got colder and bees stoped consuming syrup. Last few days and today, I noticed that bees are "drinking" water from melted snow paddles. The question is: If bees are "drinking" that...
  9. Bee Forum
    Hello, I am about to be 4 months beekeeper, started 2 hives from 2 nucs. As a 1st year, I decided to support my bees and not collect anything from them. I dribble oxalic said about 3 weeks ago and saw a little amount of mites dropping through the screened bottom board. It was about 3-5 during...
  10. Bee Forum
    Hello, I was wondering if I should feed my hives or not. The 2 hives I have I started in July from nucs. During my last inspection I saw half a frame of honey in the top chamber in one hive and nothing in the other hive. I don't know what is going on in the bottom box of both hives, because my...
  11. Bee Forum
    When one feeds a hive 1:1 or 2:1 sugar syrup, do the bees have to process it before they consume it? If I feed syrup today, would bees be able to consume it today or do they have to store it, reduce moisture, and cap it first? I always thought they could consume it straight from the bottle if...
  12. Beekeeping 101
    How long can refrigerated sugar syrup be stored? Is there a difference in shelf life between 1:1 and 2:1?
  13. Diseases and Pests
    Had feeder not working properly. Bees managed to crawl under, inside and drowned. Is it safe to re-use this syrup in a different feeder ?? Thank you
  14. Treatment-Free Beekeeping
    Hello Bee Keeps I have been feeding my naturally kept colonies for about a month and a half. I did switch last to heavier syrup and two colonies are still light. I am wondering if there are opinions as to feed more syrup or switch to candy boards at this late date. I am of course concerned the...
  15. Beekeeping 101
    So, I'm a little embarrassed to admit my ignorance, especially since everyone on this forum seems so very knowledgable, but here we go.... I am very new to beekeeping, this is our first season. In the beginning we would inspect the hive about once a week in the early spring and all seemed...
  16. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    Its July, Its hot, bees are bringing in Pollen. Im still feeding 1:1 its a new package going strong 7 new combs since June. QUESTIONS: Should I stop feeding and let them find their own Nectar? Is my feeding them less benifical since they are capping what looks like sugar syrup not Honey...
  17. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I made a 5 gal mix of 1:1 I dont need it right now so its been sitting for about 2 weeks. Is it still good?
  18. Bee Forum
    When you feed bees sugar syrup, do foragers collect this syrup or do bees of other ages also do so? Does it make a difference whether it's a top feeder or your feeding inside the hive? If the house bees also tend to collect the syrup, do you think this is detrimental since they're not...
  19. Bee Forum
    Feeding Sugar IFAS APIS April 1985, Volume 3, Number 4 A. G. Matheson is an Apicultural Advisory Officer in New Zealand and writes a publication, “The Beekeepers’ Bulletin.” In February 1985, he published some interesting information on feeding sugar. The three tables below show calculations to...
1-19 of 34 Results