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swarm catcher

  1. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    I got a call the night before to pick up a swarm of bees from a home in the suburbs of Sydney Australia. The swarm is rather large about the size of two basketballs. I shake the bees into a box, wait for any flying bees to return to the box, then house them in a new hive. The next video shows...
  2. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    I found a almost unknown device for us but which is of a common use in every russian apiary the "Scion" - (Привой и роевня) it is a trap or a shelter to catch the swarm as early as possible without (may be) climbing trees. Can you find it here on the plan? There are many "designs" but...
  3. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    Because it's swarm season and because this catcher is so easy to make, I shot some photos and video of swarm catcher for those hard to reach swarms.