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swarm box

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    There were a couple of pieces of comb in the middle of that ball. I stuck a frame of brood and pollen in the box and brushed the bees into it. I hope they stay.
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    So, I accidentally caught a swarm of bees in a swarm box in my carport last Thursday that I had just stored there temporarily. So my (good) problem is that I need to transfer this colony to its permanent home which is an empty top bar hive in the backyard which is about 15 yards away. Does...
  3. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    Ok, so this morning while gardening I saw a swarm of bees (probably mine) hanging off a garden trellis. I captured it which was actually really easy. I took an empty super (with frames) put it on a storage container lid so it would have a bottom, picked up the flower pot the bees were clumped...
  4. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    I just recently designed a new swarm trap entrance that can be 3d printed and I would love some feedback. Let me know your thoughts. You can download and print the design free on Thingiverse: Simple Open/Closed swarm trap entrance. I was tired of...
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    Maybe I am doing this all wrong- I put a swarm box in a tree last week about 70 feet from my hives- which were empty because, you know, catastrophic loss. This morning I was able to procure a nuc from a friend and put them in the hive- but tonight it looks like there is activity in the swarm box...
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    Hello all , i'm up in Northeast PA. I'm just getting into keeping bees . Have had an interest in it for many years, decided to give it a go this year . I am right down the road from Mann Lake in Wilkes Barre, PA . Over the past few months i've read alot and have been absorbing info from many...
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    I have a clear 5 gallon water color bottle lying in my backyard. Have been thinking of painting it black and potentially using it as a swarm box. The opening is about 2" in diameter. It also has a handle which would make it really easy to hang from a tree. Anybody ever try this?