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  1. For Sale
    5 Frame Nucs - 3 frame brood, 1.5 food - $165 500+ available Single Box Hive - $225 - Free 4 way pallet for every 4 Double Deeps - $300 - Free 4 way pallet for every 4 Other supplies available 4 way pallets - $35 10 frame boxes (assembled and painted) - $12.50 Nuc boxes - $10.50 Plastic...
  2. Consumer Report
    What happened with Dadant in Fl? They are horrible to deal with. Employees are unprofessional and confused. I may get my order or I may not! and if I do it may or may not be correct! DISSATISFIED!
  3. Welcome Forum
    Hi All! Glad to find this site...was seeking some informations...but I will get to that... Been a beekeeper here in the Tampa area for over three years and am currently the Secretary of the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association. The TBBA is hosting the Florida State Association Conference in early...
  4. Equipment & Supplies to Obtain
    Focus: Covers all the basic equipment needed to begin. Type, size, cost, etc.