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  1. Bee Forum
    Good nectar flow going on here and the bees are storing quite a bit of it in the bottom box, below the excluder (in single brood chamber system). How do I get them to remove the uncapped honey from the brood box and store it up in the supers? Thus providing more laying space for the queen.
  2. Vendor Deals
    Fire Sale! We still have some medium supers with frames available with minor smoke damage $45 Canadian or deeps (no frames) $19.95 Canadian assembled while supplies last. Check our website for more details Beekeeping Supplies In Canada | Beekeeper Chatham Ontario The OPH Beekeeping Team
  3. Bee Forum
    Does it make sense during a dearth or robbing season to place supers (that are mostly full and are close to being ready to extract, but might need some more capping) on strong hives? As opposed to leaving them on weak hives where they can be robbed out? More bees can better guard more honey?
  4. Diseases and Pests
    Hello, Last year I had a tough go. Lost my bees to SHB infestation. I know I pitched a lot of nasty frames and boxes, but out of some of the supers I have left, I cannot truly discern (except for one that has a greasy look to it) which were part of the mayhem. I did bleach the boxes, but I...
  5. Equipment/Hardware
    I am looking to buy two hoover hives from Galena Farms and I was wondering if I should get 2 medium supers or if I should get 3 medium supers. The hive with 2 supers The hive with 3 supers...
  6. For Sale
    330 New western honey supers for sale. 10 wood frames with plastic foundation, painted white, with cleats for hand holds. Located in Oregon. Charlie Mock Colton, Or. 503-970-8153 [email protected] Delivery not available.
  7. Everything Honey
    This year in mid-August I ended up getting sick and in the hospital for 2 weeks. While in the hospital I received minor abdominal surgery and they said I shouldn't lift anything over around 20 lbs for 6 weeks. Since I can't lift too much weight, pulling full medium supers will be a bad idea this...
  8. Beekeeping 101
    So, i’m Wondering what the strategy is for new beekeepers coming out of year one without the very precious drawn combs? When its time to super up in the spring, what is your strategy for adding boxes of foundation and getting them drawn out? This is one topic i cannot find a lot of information...
  9. Beekeeping 101
    Sadly this is the third fall in a row losing both our back yard hives (for various reasons) :( Past two years I brought the boxes inside to harvest what I could and then stored them in my basement. The supers seem light so I don't think we'll be harvesting, but I'm wondering if it's ok to just...
  10. Equipment/Hardware
    Hello everyone, hope you are having a great start of the beekeeping season. I have question how to clean the honey supers? Last year after we extracted the honey and scraped off the wax from the frames we placed them in the plastic bags and put them in the shed. But during the winter mice...
  11. For Sale
    Hobby quantities available for pickup only. Soon available for order on our website! If I do not immediately reply on Beesource, please contact me at [email protected] or text (530) 526-5504, I cant hear my phone when the machines are running in the shop but I can answer texts and...
  12. For Sale
    Bennett Apiaries- New manufactured Hive Equipment -summer 17 Hobby quantities available for pickup only. Soon available for order on our website! If I do not immediately reply on Beesource, please contact me at [email protected] or text (530) 526-5504, I cant hear my phone when the...
  13. Bee Forum
    I have 4 hives all going with varied success. My strongest hive has 3 medium supers about 80-90% full. They are from a package, but we gave them some drawn comb to start out on, and some of the supers had drawn comb. So that explains their fast start. I am confused about when to harvest and...
  14. Bee Forum
    I have 2 hives that are going well. I removed the feeders about a week ago and I just put on the first medium supers(w/ drawn comb) Monday afternoon. I checked 5 days later and they had filled 6.5 of the 8 frames already. Problem is, this one hive has a ton of stores mostly made of sugar...
  15. Equipment/Hardware
    I apologize if this question has already been answered, but i have been unable to locate the answer. Im going to buy 2 pail feeders from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm and i needed to know what size supers i need to buy to put on top of the pails. Thanks.
  16. Equipment/Hardware
    Hello! I'll be starting my first season of beekeeping here in a few months. Is it okay to have two deep supers instead of a deep super with a shallow super on top?
  17. Commercial Beekeeping
    My boys have been busy assmebling supers over the winter. I thought I would shoot a quick video. Hopefully the link works, this was my first attempt with You Tube.
  18. Bee Forum
    I have three hives. I started a new hive April 27th. It is doing well. lots of brood, honey and bees in both deep boxes. On May 24th I put a queen excluder on top of the two deep supers and put a small honey super on top of that. Today I inspected the hive again. There was a lot of activity and...
  19. Bee Forum
    I have a big hive started last May that overwintered in 2 deeps. Two weeks ago I installed 2 new packages and donated 2 frames of honey / pollen with a tiny amount of brood, to each package. I took these from the outside edges of the top box in the big hive. My question is will that slow down...
  20. Bee Forum
    Any thoughts out there as to when to super with this crazy weather we've had? Now that it's becoming nice I'm wondering if everything will just pop at the same time???
1-20 of 34 Results