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  1. Photo/Video Gallery
    I just finished another cooking episode. This time Carol is cooking lamb, glazed with honey. The whole point to the series is to educate people in how they can use raw honey. I made sure to keep the advertisement part of it to a minimum 😊 I want this to apply to all beekeepers who produce and...
  2. Diseases and Pests
    Hello, everyone. I have a mess of ants setting up housekeeping in the empty super I have above my hive. Using a top feeder, as you’ll see in the photo. Any thoughts on possible actions/remedies? Leave them be? Dump ‘em out and move along? (My choice for now.) Something else? Thanks!
  3. Where To Buy . . .
    At Walmart I saw a 25lb bag of sugar goes for $14. At my local grocery store it is just around the same price. That's $0.56 a pound. Is sugar that expensive for everyone? Where do you get your sugar?
  4. Welcome Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a new supplier for our household's honey, and haven't been able to make much headway on my own. Hoping to lean on the expertise of this community! Basically, I'm looking for raw honey that was produced from bees that have not been fed any corn-syrup, sugar, or...
  5. Bee Forum
    I'm wondering if giving hives some insurance sugar bricks right now on top of top deep could cause the bees to go up to the top of the hive too soon. One hive is going into our MA winter a little light (103lbs) others are pretty good- 130-150lbs. Does it matter when or should I wait until January?
  6. Bee Forum
    Hey guys, just a heads up - right now if you text GROCERY to 827438 you will get a $10 off $50 spent on groceries, plus they're have a sale on 4lb sugar bags at $1.69. Using the coupon and buying 30 4-pound bags, you can get sugar down to 33.8 cents a pound. Cheaper than Aldi and Costco. If...
  7. Beekeeping 101
    How long can refrigerated sugar syrup be stored? Is there a difference in shelf life between 1:1 and 2:1?
  8. Bee Forum
    Hello, Nice to see this forums. I want to open my knowledge about bee honey. On my country, some seller sale bee honey mixed with Sugar or another things. How could we know that it is original bee honey or mixed?
  9. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    Its July, Its hot, bees are bringing in Pollen. Im still feeding 1:1 its a new package going strong 7 new combs since June. QUESTIONS: Should I stop feeding and let them find their own Nectar? Is my feeding them less benifical since they are capping what looks like sugar syrup not Honey...
  10. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    Package installed a week ago-the bees released the Queen no issues there. 3 partial straight combs georgous...Question is... I did not see the Queen-The 1 comb I inspected was all sugar syrup is that Normal? (did not want to disturb the hive any more) I plan to just wait 4 weeks and then do a...
  11. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I made a 5 gal mix of 1:1 I dont need it right now so its been sitting for about 2 weeks. Is it still good?
  12. Bee Forum
    Feeding Sugar IFAS APIS April 1985, Volume 3, Number 4 A. G. Matheson is an Apicultural Advisory Officer in New Zealand and writes a publication, “The Beekeepers’ Bulletin.” In February 1985, he published some interesting information on feeding sugar. The three tables below show calculations to...
  13. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I was lucky enough to find bees for sale in June they are mutt bees carney/italian/russian They seem to be doing fine but they are still draining a quart of 2:1 sugar water every 4 days I am concerned there are no nectar flows at 7000ft. Any input?
  14. Bee Forum
    I know what you're thinking..."his hive is being robbed", right? Here is what I found yesterday: VERY healthy hive. Fed them through the winter with sugar bars inside. Watched them bringing in pollen yesterday like crazy (for a February anyways!)... five to ten bees on the landing with full sacs...
  15. Bee Forum
    Just wondering if there is any one time of year when sugar is cheapest?
  16. Bee Forum
    Weber’s Law, the Magnitude Effect and Discrimination of Sugar Concentrations in Nectar-Feeding Animals Weber’s law quantifies the perception of difference between stimuli. For instance, it can explain why we are less likely to detect the removal of three nuts from a bowl if the bowl is full...
  17. Bee Forum
    I have prepared 10 pound bags of sugar by soaking them in about one cup of water and allowing them to harden. To fit in a 5-frame nuc box I cut the opening in the side. A piece of wax paper or plastic wrap is used to hold the sugar in the bag while inverting the bag into a baking pan/dish...
  18. Treatment-Free Beekeeping
    A diet of sugar is not equivalent to a diet of honey. Actually it is bee susceptibility to synthetic and natural xenobiotics, including the acaricide tau-fluvalinate, the agricultural pesticide imidacloprid, and the naturally occurring mycotoxin aflatoxin. These results suggest that regulation...
  19. Beekeeping 101
    Hello, I was just wondering if I could feed my bees some sugar syrup that I made a couple weeks ago. The syrup was mixed with some vinegar and it now smells like rotting soil and that kind of stuff. Can I feed it to my bees, will it do them any bad to them. TIA!!
1-19 of 25 Results