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  1. Bee Forum
    Made some Lauri Bricks this morning. Mine are small & thin because I had to with my dehydrator. How can you tell when they have had enough "cooking" time - or How can you tell when they are done. ?? What to look for ?? They are firm on top - but I didn't try to press real hard. Just hoping I...
  2. Beekeeping 101
    I know bees can be stimulated to make comb and store syrup by feeding them liquid syrup, but if you feed them sugar candy bricks, will they do the same? I have heard of some folk feeding them year round with these sugar bricks.
  3. Bee Forum
    Happy New Year beekeepers!! I have a recipe for a winter candy for my bees. Even tho in SC our next few weeks are very cold (just below freezing). I wanted to give my "gurls" some warmth with carbs- they need to winter. The recipe I have seems easy and good. you use 4 C water, 1 c tea, 10lbs...
1-3 of 3 Results