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  1. Bee Forum
    I do not need or want a list of honey recipes ! I need reference ideas where I can prepare a talk about the use of honey in the preparation of various food items, and nutrition, temperature limitations, etc., etc. The presentation will be to high end culinary students. The National Honey...
  2. Bee Forum
    College Beekeeper is looking for COLLEGE-aged beekeepers who are heading off to school this fall. Whether entering as a freshman, or returning as a super-senior, if you're a young person in school, who knows some beekeeping, or know of someone who is, we'd like to hear from you. Too many...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    Hey Beekeepers, We caught a swarm 3 weeks ago, and when checking it out today, it didn't look so strong. There are about 2.5 brood frames of bees, but no evidence of eggs/larva/brood. We didn't see a queen either, but the bees were quite calm. Our questions: 1. Does this sound normal? Or...
1-3 of 3 Results