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    We have a bit of a mystery and I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. My wife had put a hair roller cage next to one of our hives. For some reason, the hive decided that the black hair scrunchie attached to it was a threat and attacked it. The scunchie has at least ten bee...
  2. Beekeeping 101
    Hi. I've seen a couple of these around the feeder the last couple of days and hope someone can help identify it. I think this might be a new secret weapon against the dreaded small hive beetles. Ha ha
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    I am a new beekeeper. I installed 3 packages in April of 2013...2 langstroth hives and 1 top bar hive. In May I caught a swarm and put it into a langstroth hive as well. The hives seem to be very strong. So with 4 hives in the yard we have lots of activity but there has never been an issue...
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    Hi, First year bee keeper here and I have a something I could not find anywhere else ask for an opinion. The pictures are at Is the strange cell structure a problem? Inspection #6 noted that it was full of uncapped brood. Inspection #7 noted that the brood were capped...