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  1. Everything Honey
    Hi there, I am a first-year beekeeper and doing a course on beekeeping and am stuck on a question. I have read so many posts all over the internet about how to make creamed honey, but I cannot find any information as to WHY a starter is required. I get that a starter is a batch of creamed honey...
  2. Photo/Video Gallery
    I was invited to Laughlands, St. Ann, Jamaica to teach current beekeeping practices and queen rearing. Laughland is centered on the North coast. William Masterton met me at the Montego Bay airport for the drive to the farm. Wednesday, the...
  3. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    So I just tried my first round of grafting with a queen derived from Michael Palmer's stock. I got 7/8 takes in a very small but strong starter colony. I need about 8 mated queens for the year and have 4 mating nucs. Do I need to make a finisher colony for my tiny goal, or can I just keep the...
1-3 of 3 Results