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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    All my hives (3) are stained. The reason I stained my current ones were because they are "garden hives" and it makes them look more nature. But as I plan to expand I'm debating whether I should continue staining my hives or paint them (Note:these aren't garden hives). My question is; What are...
  2. Photo/Video Gallery
    Hi, all. I'd like to see pictures of hives that have stains or finish on them. I'm thinking about sticking with the natural-wood look on some of my new hive locations next Spring. I'm open to suggestions, but I'd like to see pictures and a description of what you used on your hives. Thanks!
  3. Beekeeping 101
    Hello all! My uncle is a wood craftsman and just completed this AMAZING hive for me. While I had originally planned to paint it white, I LOVE the woodgrain exterior and would prefer keeping the wood finish. Any recommendations for a finish or stain to seal it and prevent if from weathering...
  4. Bee Forum
    Hi. I am looking for some advice on the safest products to use of new hives. I've been given suggestions such as Linseed Oil, Benjamin Moores line of exterior low VOC paint, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results