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  1. Alternative Pollinators
    Plant-Pollinator Coextinctions and the Loss of Plant Functional and Phylogenetic Diversity Plant-pollinator coextinctions are likely to become more frequent as habitat alteration and climate change continue to threaten pollinators. The consequences of the resulting collapse of plant communities...
  2. Bee Forum
    Species Distribution Models for Crop Pollination: A Modeling Framework Applied to Great Britain Insect pollination benefits over three quarters of the world's major crops. There is growing concern that observed declines in pollinators may impact on production and revenues from animal pollinated...
  3. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Is this pretty accurate and what have I missed? Thank you Honey Bee sub-species Bold species are available or present in the United States. Africanized - Apis mellifera scutellata - hardiness, quick build-up, swarmy, abscond, build brood over stores, no cold resistance All-American-...
1-3 of 3 Results