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    Hello everyone, I'm a 28yo happily married father of 1 in Hartsville, SC. I have been a Nuclear Auxiliary Operator for the past 5 years and spent 4 years prior as a Draftsman and 3d designer. I have decided to try beekeeping as a hobby because I think it's interesting, needed, and not very...
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    The snow hasn't completely melted but today's temperature got to around 60 and the bees were flying. They were toting back lots of pollen as they have been on other warm days this winter. Does anyone know where they would be finding the pollen this time of year?
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    The Pickens County Beekeepers Association (PCBA) will be offering an introductory beekeeping class in February. The four Saturday sessions will cover all of the information needed for anyone to start keeping bees. Classes will be held at the Pickens Presbyterian Church, located at 311 West...
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    I am about to setup my first hive. From what I read, "dappled" sunlight is the preferred amount of sunlight. However, as I drive around in my area of York County South Carolina, I see everyone with their hives in direct sunlight, almost all day. I have a place to put my hive in direct sunlight...