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    I rode up to WV to visit my folks last week and was impressed by all of the sourwood in bloom. I saw large numbers of them along the Elk from Frametown to Servia and again along 19 from the south side of Powell mountain all the way to the Meadow River area. Some of those trees were snow white...
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    HI I Live Currently in Gwinnett County Near Lake Linear Area I have recently moved here I see a few Sourwood Trees in my backyard (i have seen 6 up to now there may be more back in the woods) i have heard that to get the sourwood flow in georgia people move their hives in the north mountains now...
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    Member of Appalachian Beekeepers, Murphy, NC and Mountain Beekeepers, Blairsville, GA. I have 2 hives in the Western NC Nantahala Mountains where the sourwood tree grows wild everywhere. I love to read everything bees and am looking forward to becoming part of the Beesource community!
1-3 of 3 Results