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  1. Marketing Forum
    Anyone have experience shipping pallets of honey filled jars? I'm shipping out a few pallets in a few weeks to multi destinations across the country and I'm a little worried. My plan is to just pack the 1 lb jars in boxes of 12 with cardboard dividers between each jar and plastic wrap the...
  2. Where To Buy . . .
    Heya Beeks! I'm wondering what companies are the best for competitive prices, free shipping, speedy delivery when it comes to beekeeping tools.. I'm sure this is a redundant question, but suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -BK
  3. Bee Forum
    Does Dadant send out shipping notifications by email for online orders? I put in a small order on tuesday of this past week and all I have got so far is the receipt. I am worried that they have not shipped, even though none of the items were marked as backordered.
  4. Equipment/Hardware
    I just got contacted by someone wanting to see about shipping an extractor from the US to Australia. They said they had not found a local source for them. Can any of you Aussie beeks tell me where I could tell them to look?
  5. Bee Forum
    How long can bee stay in their shipping package? Is their anyway to extend that amount of time? (I'm just worried cus it's supposed to rain the day I get the package)
  6. Consumer Report
    I placed an order over the internet with Mann Lake well, well after hours (11:00, West Coast). Got my "Your Order should arrive in 5-7 days" email the next morning. Got my order two days later (AND the shipping cost turned out to be $2 cheaper than estimated).
1-6 of 7 Results