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  1. Does anybody recognize this SHB trap?

    Diseases and Pests shows the use of diatomaceous earth in an unidentified SHB trap. The author is proud of only paying 60 cents instead of a $1 but fails to identify what he is talking about. This looks like a better alternative than those based on CD-cases. Thanks...
  2. SHB and Quilt box bottoms (and possibly screened inner covers)

    Diseases and Pests
    I have two Langstroth hives in Maryland. I built two quilt boxes to help with humidity this winter, but I was concerned about how to prevent small hive beetles from hiding in the quilt box in the winter (or in the summer, should I use it then, versus a screened inner cover as ventilation). I...
  3. Small Hive Beetle Test

    Diseases and Pests
    I'm a new bee keeper with one weak hive that I took over from someone else this summer, and have had some mild but steady hive beetle issues. I can't even really find the beetles themselves within the hive, other than occasionally spotting one, but I do catch larva on my slide out board beneath...
  4. Small Hive Beetle in winter?

    Diseases and Pests
    Checking my bees the other day and I noticed several dead SHBs on the landing board. I had not thought that they survived over winter as adults. I assumed that the larvae lived in the ground and each year a new crop appeared, but seeing these makes me wonder if adults pass the winter in the...
  5. Trying a new beetle trap

    Diseases and Pests
    I have been watching the SHBs in my hives. My bees are very aggressive against them, chasing, biting, and sometimes even flying away with them. The beetles are usually corralled into a corner or hiding between frames. Thinking about their behavior, I figured they will crawl into any small...
  6. Nemotodes

    Welcome Forum
    Hello from Naperville, IL everyone. Second year beekeeper here. Question on using nemotodes (Hb + Sc + Sf) for treatment of SHB and other beetle grubs. My 4-hive bee yard is in my backyard I don't treat lawn with anything. Nemotodes safe to use around hives? Thx, all
  7. Is my problem SHB or wax moth?

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I am a new beekeeper for approximately 5 weeks, and last evening when the hive was quiet I checked the bottom board of my TBH and found larvae. I have attached video. I inspected the inside a couple of days ago and everything seemed fine. I am not sure if my hive has SHB I plan to inspect the...
  8. Small Hive Beetle ID

    Diseases and Pests
    Small hive beetle, or just a small beetle on my hive?
  9. SHB Infestation - Now What? Help!

    Diseases and Pests
    I keep my hives in a wooded area that received dappled sunlight. I'm in the Baltimore, MD area and we have had quite a rainy July for the area. I am unable to move my hives to a sunnier area at this time. I had 2 hives - Hive A & Hive B. I had received my nucs in April & both hives struggled...
  10. SHB - Bees on the Attack

    Diseases and Pests
    I have witnessed in two of my hives a behavior I have never seen. When opening the hive, as usual, I will see a couple of SHB scrambling for cover. Typically, I squash them as I carry out my inspection. But in these two hives I have witnessed bees attacking individual SHB (It looks like they...
  11. Confusion between Beetle Baffles and Beetle Blasters

    Beekeeping 101
    This needs to be clarified before too many people lose there bees. I have noticed that too many people confuse Beetle Blaster (oil filled) with Beetle Baffles (slippery strips of metal). Beetle Blasters are filled with oil and placed between frames, usually in the top of the hive. Beetle Baffles...
  12. Small Hive Beetles in Package Bees

    Diseases and Pests
    I can't help but think that the process of making packages from colonies down south will result in the inadvertent transfer of SHB with the package. Has anyone experienced this? Would it make sense to have some mesh large enough on one side of the package that the SHB will fall through and be...
  13. Wax Moth, SHB trap/remove

    Diseases and Pests
    Hello, Does anyone know how wax moth can be removed from hive this time of the year? The days are not warm, so I don't want to do inspection, but sticky board is suggesting that there can be a wax moth in the hive. I had a SHB trap in my hives that I removed about 1-1.5 moths ago - they had...
  14. The Forgotten Space

    Bee Forum
    The Forgotten Space. Experienced Beeks are well aware about the importance of a Forgotten Space…the Bee Space. Too much Bee Space leads to Burr Comb, and too little space gives them an incentive to glue everything together. Either one of them makes it harder to work your hive. Bee Space is...
  15. What is the name of the SHB trap that is plastic, multi-level?

    Diseases and Pests
    I have seen, someplace, a SHB trap that was plastic and multi-level. The claim was it would not get propolized by the bees... I want to try one of these but can't recall the name so am having trouble finding them. Anybody have experience with these? Ok, I finally found it here -->...
  16. Making Nucs when Small Hive Beetle are present

    Beekeeping 101
    In my efforts to expand I have run up against the dreaded SHB. IF I put too much drawn comb and/or honey in a nuc, I get problems with SHB. Same story when I use pollen patties. My efforts to combat this problem are to make a stronger nuc so that bees can police them better. I use less drawn...
  17. Did I miss anything for overwintering? Did you?

    Bee Forum
    Hello, all. I'm a first year beekeeper in southeast Iowa. I bought a Russian pkg this year, installed it and took a mere 6 gal. I also recieved a swarm from a friend. Right in the middle between mean and dosile. Anyway, I was wondering if I missed anything. I've got ventilation holes in the...
  18. SHB prevention and management

    Diseases and Pests
    I would like to find a way to inexpensively prevent and manage SHB. I have seen the West traps but I do not want to deal with oil spilling, etc. If I could replace the oil with something like tanglefoot, petroleum jelly (a small amount), or a "beetle bee gone" cloth then that might be a...
  19. Mini society on bottom board under screen hive bottom with SHB prisons

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    quick background: •I'm in Florida •Have a TBH with a screened bottom with a bottom follower board. I have the bottom board lowered, but not removed. It's sitting 1/2 inch below the screen--low enough that bees can fit between it and the screen. •Installed package May 2015 •Storm blew over hive...
  20. SHB eats its own eggs!!

    Diseases and Pests
    I had extracted some honey over the weekend. Some liberated Small hive beetles were found on a nearby window. I saw one beetle lay an egg and immediately turn around and eat it. It repeated the process 3-4 times. Have anybody else seem this behavior before?