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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    I can't seem to find the larger SHB traps like the one in the photo. Most seem to be smaller with two chambers. My SHB pressure is very high. (Maryland)
  2. Diseases and Pests
    When I lived in the north I didn't even know what SHBs were. After moving to South Carolina I became acquainted with these evil, hive destroying creatures. As far as pests go the small hive beetle is my worst nightmare. As I've mentioned before I have Minnesota Hybrids and haven't treated for...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    I'm thinking about trying a recipe I've read about lately (a paste of Borax, flour, sugar and veg oil) and smearing it within a CD plastic cassette. The cassette has several small openings in it but I think they'll be large enough for the beetles to penetrate but too small for the bees. I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results