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screened bottom boards
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  1. Country Rubes
    Mike and I are back, making our Country Rube's Combo Deep Screened Bottom Boards and equipment. We did miss the major rush of beekeeping, but if you are interested, our Combo DeepScreened Bottom Boards will be ready in a few weeks. We are taking preorders on our site,
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    This year I will be trying out a screened bottom board for the first time. It came with a white corrugated sheet with a grid to aid in mite counts that slides in and out underneath the screened bottom board. Is this white corrugated sheet something that should be installed at all times or only...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    I have been reading a lot about screen bottom boards, and there seems to be conflicting research on the matter. Do most of you use sbbs, or are the advantages overblown now? Not getting at anything, just confused.
  4. Country Rubes
    I have been chosen to be one of the two distributors for the Beetle Baffle and it's going to go on sale at our booth at EAS, August 5th. You can read about it at As soon as we get our delivery, which would be shortly after EAS, we will be selling them on our...
1-4 of 4 Results